COMPARING UMBILICAL CORD TO AUOTOLOGOUS: Umbilical cord stem cells compared to autologous (adipose-derived) stem cells are younger, they contain more ATP or energy, the are better at replication and differentiation.

Autologous stem cells contain more annexin or cell death markers, reactive oxygen species or free radicals, more IL-6 which is an increased inflammatory response. When you put older cells back into the body, they inhibit younger cells.

Please note: When we started in stem cell therapy, we were using amniotic stem cells from the placentas of live-birth, C-sections. Then, we moved to adipose or fat-derived where we saw improved results but hands-down umbilical cord stem cell injected into joints and/or the brown fat is superior to any other protocol!

BROWN FAT INJECTIONS: Why inject stem cells into brown fat? Brown fat contains the most mitochondria in the body. By injecting stem cells into the brown fat, we increase the stem cell replication process immediately. Most of the brown fat in adults is right under the clavicle or collar bone.

OUR PROPRIETARY PROTOCOL: We have been injecting 4 cc’s of umbilical cord stem cells into the brown fat over the course of 3-separate visits. As stated, the brown fat has the highest concentration of mitochondria and each cc (1 cc) contained 5-million stem cells for a total of 20 million stem cells per visit. Over the course of 3-visits, that would have been a total of 60-million stem cells injected into the patient.
I have found a company, New Life Cells, that can deliver 25-million stem cells in 1 cc and that is what we are moving to in the near future. So, instead of 4 cc’s we only need to deliver 1 cc and we can provide the patient with an additional 5-million stem cells (25 million stem cells vs. 20-million stem cells!) So…instead of only 60-million total stem cells, we are injecting 75-million total stem cells FOR THE SAME FEE!

With ALL of that being said, keep in mind that it is NOT just stem call therapy! Just as important, if not MORE important because you have to create the “fertile ground” or building blocks for the stem cells are complete blood work, complete hormone testing, complete genetic testing AND complete trigger testing! When we obtain the findings from the testing, we support the body with supplements and homeopathic remedies.

(Please note: umbilical cord stem cells are from the umbilical cord of live C-section deliveries. Fetal or embryonic stem cells are from aborted fetuses and they are illegal in the U.S.)