#1: Bloodwork (blood draw): The blood work should be complete, not basic and include…a Complete Metabolic Panel, Complete Blood Chemistry with auto diff, Complete Thyroid panel, and a Complete Lipid panel. These tests will take about a week to get back. Your M.D. should be able to run them. You are suffering with a chronic condition, you need as much information as possible to get to the bottom of it!

ALL of the following tests need to be run…

  1. Complete metabolic panel (CMP): This test will check your glucose levels, gut function, adrenal function, kidney function, and liver function to name a few.
  2. Complete lipid panel: This test will check your cholesterol triglycerides, Cholesterol/HDL ratio (shows us your risk of suffering a heart attack), HDLs, and LDLs.
  3. CBC with auto differential: This test will check your red and white blood cells.
  4. Complete thyroid panel which includes ALL of the following because your thyroid drives your metabolism: TSH, FT3 (Free T3), FT4 (Free T4), TT4 (Total T4), FTI (Free Thyroxine Index), Resin T3 Uptake, TPO (ATA) and TGB (ATG) antibodies, TBG (Thyroxine Binding Globulin), & Reverse T3 (if available)

If the following tests are not on the CMP, they need to be run…

#5: Uric acid (if not already included in the CMP)

#6: Transferrin

#7: Fibrinogen

#8: 25 OHD (storage form)

#9: 125 OHD (active form)

#10: C-RP or C-Reactive Protein

#11: Homocysteine

#12: TIBC (total iron binding capacity)

#13: Serum Iron (If not on the CMP)

#14: HGB A1C

#15: Pregnenolone


Pregnenolone (see hand out on the VITAL importance of pregnenolone)

Go to…The Dutch test will check…Estrone, Estradiol, Estriol, Progesterone, DHEA, Testosterone. Analysis of 36-different hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, and cortisol along with all of their metabolites! Oxidative stress markers are also included! Find out how we address serious hormonal issues NATURALLY!

COMPLETE GENETIC TESTING has recently cut a lot of genes that they measure so we have moved on to  We are waiting on the new testing from www.dnasupplementation.comGenetic mutations can affect brain chemicals (serotonin, dopamine, and GABA), Hormone levels, Organ Function (heart, liver, kidney, lung and stomach) and Vit D levels to name just a few! Learn how we successfully address these genetic mutations with our specific nutritional protocols!


Testing for heavy metals, infections (candida, parasitic, Lyme, fungus, EBV, H. pylori, and other viruses and bacterial infections, chemicals and the affects that EMFs have on your body. This test is completed via kinesiology or muscle testing while correlating the blood work.